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Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1, Central London, WC1, WC2, W1

Housekeeping services Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1, Central London, WC1, WC2, W1

Housekeeping services are different from general cleaning service…

… and involves more duties than only cleaning. Housekeeping services includes laundry, ironing, setting washing machines, dryers and dishwashers.
The appointed person, housekeeper, can follow written or verbal instructions or organize her time according to the current needs. The housekeepers are individuals with more than 2 years’ experience and are able to self-organize the daily tasks prioritizing the most important ones. It is the same person going to the property and is familiar with entire property and life of the inhabitants.

Normally the housekeeper has a set of keys for the property. Can go to the property when the owner is away in order to maintain and look after the property (collect posts, water plants, do odd jobs that have not been done on regular bases).

Housekeeping is all year round on going service and in terms of absence (illness or holiday of the housekeeper) a cover person is send making sure all of client’s requirements are met and needs covered.

Housekeepers are the individuals who keep your property always pristine and become more or less a part of the family.

Thus the charge for housekeeping is somehow higher than general cleaning services.
Housekeeping is the flag-ship of ANG London Cleaning Company Ltd. Since we started the business in 2003 we ve been rigorously training and preparing all of our operatives to be able to work as housekeepers.

Not every person is fit and capable to do and deliver such work. Every candidate is carefully chosen after being interviewed and tested. Then the few chosen ones are guided and closely supervised until they are able to perform all the tasks.
Further supervising, quarterly or when a need arises, is then applied in order to keep up the good work and maintain the standard of service. If there are any suggestions how to improve the performance of the housekeeper we are happy to have a chat and discuss it with the owner before implementing it.

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