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Common Areas Cleaning

Common areas cleaning is our flagship service we provide. From our long experience in the cleaning industry we know it can be a tricky situation.

We all know the saying that we are firstly judged by our appearance and seen away by our abilities. This applies in great terms about the common parts of the buildings where we live or work.

Do not let being misjudged by:

  • what people see first entering the building

  • and judge you by the place where you live or work in.

The residents or co- workers might not want to be held responsible for cleaning it as it is quite difficult and time taking.

So hiring a professional cleaning service saves the day. But hiring the right company is the key focus.

ANG London Cleaning Company Ltd specialize in common areas cleaning Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1.

In residential buildings we ll rigorously clean:

  • the front door and front entrance,

  • the communal areas.

  • vacuum the entire area every time,

  • dust the furniture,

  • dust the balusters,

  • dust and polish mirrors,

  • dust and polish pictures,

  • wipe out any marks on the walls,

  • clean windows,

In office or business premises we will thoroughly work from room to room and:

  • spruce up the building lobbies,

  • entrances,

  • employee work areas,

  • employee rest areas,

  • conference rooms,

  • banquet halls,

  • cleaning and disinfecting toilets,

  • cleaning and disinfecting kitchen areas,

  • running the dishwasher and putting all the dishes away.

  • cleaning and polishing the brass and the chrome,

  • emptying the every bin.

While in site doing common areas cleaning Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1 we can also handle:

  • window cleaning services,

  • carpet cleaning,

Paying attention to

  • the lift doors,

  • lift mirrors and

  • changing the light bulbs

  • net cobs

in the common areas is a part of our responsibilities as well.

Since we professionally do common areas cleaning Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1, we believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients. Hence we want to be in business with these places for a long time, we make sure that we do a great job not only cleaning but also bring a certain superior quality to it.


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