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Caring for Wooden furniture

Tending to Wickerwork Most woven furniture is made from one or more of five types of fibers (down), each requiring a different method of cleaning. Scrub rattan with a soft-bristle brush dipped in warm, soapy water. Mist unfinished rattan once a year with a garden hose to keep it from drying out and becoming brittle. Do not hose rattan that has been painted or coated with a clear finish, rattan used in combination with fibers other than cane, or wood furniture accented with rattan; rather, moisten the rattan component of the furniture with a damp cloth. Mist cane with water,…

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Caring for Wood Floors

The finish on а wood floor protects it from wear and seals it against dust and spilled liquids. Before cleaning a floor, determine the type of finish on it (below). Older floors often have penetrating finishes. These soak into the wood pores and require waxing. Modern flooring more often has a surface finish—typically polyurethane—which forms a protective film and does not need to be waxed. Waxed Penetrating Finishes: To prolong the life of the wax, vacuum or dust- mop the floor weekly before dirt and dust are pressed into the surface. Wipe up spills immediately with a dry cloth or…

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Reviving Wood Finishes

Reviving Wood Finishes Most wood surfaces are protected by some sort of coating, ranging from clear varnishes on fine paneling to paints that mask the utilitarian woods of interior trim and exterior siding. Methods for cleaning them depend on the type of finish. Paint: Exterior painted surfaces can be scrubbed down by hand, or by a power washer. Interior surfaces can be washed with an all-purpose household detergent; wring out the cloth or sponge until it is almost dry. Clear Finishes: Maintain clear finishes on furniture and paneling—including varnish, lacquer, shellac, and oilby routine polishing and quick cleaning of spills….

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An Arsenal of Cleaning Tools

As with any task, cleaning is easier when you have the proper tools. For major jobssuch as buffing floors or scouring heavily soiled masonry you may need to rent specialized equipment; but for most tasks, a basic set of implements is all you’ll need (below and page 12). To obtain top-quality tools, consider a trip to a janitorial supply store. Besides these items, keep on hand a few other implements. A flexible- blade putty knife is ideal for scraping candle wax and chewing gum from hard surfaces. For mixing cleaning compounds, choose a polyethylene pail rather than a metal one,…

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Purpose of Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products fall into five general categories based on similarity of function. A few special cleaning products, however, are one of a kind, designed to solve individual problems (opposite). Abrasives: Gritty compounds containing mineral particles, abrasives are sometimes mixed with detergent, bleach, or other substances. Suitable for cleaning and polishing met­als, they are often present in scouring powders for clean­ing and brightening surfaces such as ceramic tile and porce­lain plumbing fixtures. Abrasives work by dislodg­ing dirt, then the detergent in the mixture lifts the dirt par­ticles from the surface. Use care when cleaning plastic, fiberglass, imitation marble, or chrome…

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Common Areas Cleaning

Common areas cleaning is our flagship service we provide. From our long experience in the cleaning industry we know it can be a tricky situation. We all know the saying that we are firstly judged by our appearance and seen away by our abilities. This applies in great terms about the common parts of the buildings where we live or work. Do not let being misjudged by: what people see first entering the building and judge you by the place where you live or work in. The residents or co- workers might not want to be held responsible for cleaning…

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Ironing Services

Home ironing services is becoming inseparable part of out lives. We all know how busy life in big cities is and especially in London. Every one who ever had to iron any garment will say how difficult and frustrating it can be at times. Nevertheless, the most beautiful and valuable cloths are meant to be ironed. Our appearance and success, in so many ways, relays on our clothes. In my home country we have the saying ” people judge you by your clothes, but respect you for your knowledge”. Thus wearing expensive clothes is not a solution but wearing ironed…

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Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services are different from general cleaning service… … and involves more duties than only cleaning. Housekeeping services includes laundry, ironing, setting washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. The appointed person, housekeeper, can follow written or verbal instructions or organize her time according to the current needs. The housekeepers are individuals with more than 2 years’ experience and are able to self-organize the daily tasks prioritizing the most important ones. It is the same person going to the property and is familiar with entire property and life of the inhabitants. Normally the housekeeper has a set of keys for the property. Can go…

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Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a part of our Commercial Cleaning services. These services include all general cleaning tasks provided by our company. All of our cleaning services could be done on a regular basis or on and ad hoc. It is not only that we all feel better but also work more efficiently if the surrounding area is clean and tidy. Our customers who relay on our office cleaning services can confirm how pleasant it is to come to work where all premises have been thoroughly cleaned and lavatory disinfected. Offices are more or less out second home. Some people even…

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One-off Cleaning

One-off Cleaning Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1 is a professional domestic and/ or commercial cleaning service. This is suitable for clients who wish to book cleaning services on an ad hoc basis. Some people don’t mind doing their house chores most of the time and even find it relaxing. But now and then things get out of balance or there are areas which are difficult to reach on daily bases. So we all need these one-of cleaning professional help. We at ANG London Cleaning Company Ltd are happy to give you a hand is such circumstances. In order to deliver best possible…

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