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Ironing Services

Home ironing services is becoming inseparable part of out lives. We all know how busy life in big cities is and especially in London. Every one who ever had to iron any garment will say how difficult and frustrating it can be at times. Nevertheless, the most beautiful and valuable cloths are meant to be ironed. Our appearance and success, in so many ways, relays on our clothes. In my home country we have the saying ” people judge you by your clothes, but respect you for your knowledge”. Thus wearing expensive clothes is not a solution but wearing ironed…

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Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services are different from general cleaning service… … and involves more duties than only cleaning. Housekeeping services includes laundry, ironing, setting washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. The appointed person, housekeeper, can follow written or verbal instructions or organize her time according to the current needs. The housekeepers are individuals with more than 2 years’ experience and are able to self-organize the daily tasks prioritizing the most important ones. It is the same person going to the property and is familiar with entire property and life of the inhabitants. Normally the housekeeper has a set of keys for the property. Can go…


One-off Cleaning

One-off Cleaning Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1 is a professional domestic and/ or commercial cleaning service. This is suitable for clients who wish to book cleaning services on an ad hoc basis. Some people don’t mind doing their house chores most of the time and even find it relaxing. But now and then things get out of balance or there are areas which are difficult to reach on daily bases. So we all need these one-of cleaning professional help. We at ANG London Cleaning Company Ltd are happy to give you a hand is such circumstances. In order to deliver best possible…


Domestic Cleaning

Our Domestic Cleaning service is based on the general cleaning tasks most families would require from a helper. These tasks are strictly specified by the clients and must be rigorously followed by the cleaner. Domestic cleaning deffer from the  most advanced form of help- the  housekeeping , where most of the home chores relay on the helper and its done on more frequent visits. General Domestic Cleaning services are usually: weekly biweekly General Cleaning Tasks: Kitchens: Clean and De-grease cupboard doors from outside, De-grease and clean cooker, clean fridge/freezer from outside, clean and DE-scale sink, clean small appliances, thoroughly clean the floor…

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