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Common Areas Cleaning

Common areas cleaning is our flagship service we provide. From our long experience in the cleaning industry we know it can be a tricky situation. We all know the saying that we are firstly judged by our appearance and seen away by our abilities. This applies in great terms about the common parts of the buildings where we live or work. Do not let being misjudged by: what people see first entering the building and judge you by the place where you live or work in. The residents or co- workers might not want to be held responsible for cleaning…


Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a part of our Commercial Cleaning services. These services include all general cleaning tasks provided by our company. All of our cleaning services could be done on a regular basis or on and ad hoc. It is not only that we all feel better but also work more efficiently if the surrounding area is clean and tidy. Our customers who relay on our office cleaning services can confirm how pleasant it is to come to work where all premises have been thoroughly cleaned and lavatory disinfected. Offices are more or less out second home. Some people even…


One-off Cleaning

One-off Cleaning Hampstead, NW3, Islington, N1 is a professional domestic and/ or commercial cleaning service. This is suitable for clients who wish to book cleaning services on an ad hoc basis. Some people don’t mind doing their house chores most of the time and even find it relaxing. But now and then things get out of balance or there are areas which are difficult to reach on daily bases. So we all need these one-of cleaning professional help. We at ANG London Cleaning Company Ltd are happy to give you a hand is such circumstances. In order to deliver best possible…

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Holiday Apartments Cleaning

Our Holiday apartments cleaning services started over 4 years ago in North London. Since then cleaning holiday homes and short let property became an important part of our business. We are fully insured and deliver best quality cleaning service to your holiday, short-let or serviced apartment would need. Working very successfully with property owners, property managers and estate agencies over the past years we have proven ourselves trustworthy and reliable. You can rest assured that we take great care from arrival to departure of your holiday apartment or short-let property. Holiday apartments cleaning and short-let property cleaning includes: Make up the…

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