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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure quality of your cleaners?

They are personally interviewed to ensure the suitability of the applicant and being examined for working skills. In addition to that we require cleaners to provide us with verifiable proof of identification, address and two references for every cleaner representing the company.

Only a few of them go through our screening process successfully.

As you can see, we make every effort to ensure that the cleaner is vetted thoroughly before we even introduce the cleaner to you.

How much time do I need to have my home cleaned?

 Size of the property No. living in people   Weekly cleaning  Fortnight cleaning
1 bedroom One 2 hrs 2,5 hrs
1 bedroom Two 2,5 hrs 3 hrs
2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom One 3 hrs 3,5 hrs
2 beds + 2bathrooms Two 3 hrs 4 hrs
3 beds +1 bathroom Two 3,5 hrs 4 hrs
3 beds + 2bathrooms Three 4 hrs 4,5 hrs

Can I specify the day the cleaner comes?

Yes. You can

Who pays the cleaner, you or I?

We are flexible with the payments. You can either pay cash to the cleaner or by bank transfer directly to our business account.Read next FAQ

Where do I find your bank details?

Our Bank details will be given to you one a Service agreement has been signed.

How long will it take you to find me a cleaner?

We will try to find you a suitable cleaner within 3 working days. Sometimes it might take a little longer depending on where you are, what days you want etc…

What do I do if the cleaner doesn’t turn up?

If this may be the case, you simply call us and we can send you another cleaner if not the same day on the next day the latest.

What happens if the cleaner can’t come in or I go away?

  • A replacement operative will be provided during any holidays/long term absences.

  • The Customer agrees that during his/her absences (holidays/long term) ANG LCC will provide cleaning services for 60 per cent of the agreed weekly hours.

What happens if the cleaner let us down?

We are very careful and thorough in the selection of  cleaners.The most important quality we look for in cleaners is that they are reliable and hard-working. However, the cleaners’ circumstances may change and they might let you down at one stage. Call us as soon as you can and we will find out why you have been let down and try to resolve it for you or if you prefer we shall send you a new cleaner.

Who is responsible for providing the cleaning products and materials?

For Regular cleaning:

The client provides all equipment needed for the required work. All cleaning equipment should be safe and in full working order. We use products that we know will work and they are tried and tested, If you do not have cleaning materials ANG LCC will purchase these items on your behalf and upon a valid receipt you reimburse us.

For One – off cleaning:

We can arrange both ways and it reflects the price. With your materials and equipment it will be cheaper.

If you cant supply, then we shall bring everything needed but the price will be higher .

What happens if I am dissatisfied with the service provided by the cleaner?

In this instance, we will make every effort to find a replacement cleaner as soon as possible, normally within 5 working days.Please refer to our other FAQ

Are there any restrictions placed on the cleaner in regards to what they will clean?

Yes, they will not perform any deep or specialized cleaning of any antique, delicate or valuable items. Also they will not do outside window cleaning unless it’s on the ground floor.Please refer to our previous FAQ

Is there insurance cover if there are damages done by the cleaner?

YES. ANG LCC Ltd. has public liability insurance, which covers for major damages over £100 (e.g. damages to carpets or any objects). Bleach spills are not covered and you should discourage you cleaner from using bleach

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