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 Cleaning Services provided by ANG London Cleaning Company Ltd are designed to satisfy all type of needs. 

We provide quality residential cleaning services in London to bothprivate and business clients. On the home page in  Testimonials you can read what clients say about us.

Being able to facilitate their needs for the past years our customer base has grown rapidly due to the great demand for such services.

People love the luxury of help with their CLEANING , but it could be difficult finding someone :

  • hard working

  • punctual

  • trustworthy

  • you can communicate with

All of ANG LCC Ltd operatives are well trained and must adhere to ANG London Cleaning Co Ltd quality cleaning standards.

About us we can say – energetic and passionate cleaning ladies who provide

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Benefits using us………

ANG London Cleaning Co Ltd can save time, money and aggravation delivering a professional cleaning each and every time.

More Benefits abou us ….

  • Saving your TIME and your MONEY –  Time is money!

  • One phone call to us can save you ten phone calls to other London cleaning companies.

  • Enables you to GET on with your day.
    What would take some customers a whole day, or even an entire weekend, can be handled by our cleaner or team of cleaners in just a few hours.

  • Flexible and customised cleaning service.
    From as little as two hours per visit for long term commitments.

  • 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED – If you are not happy with the work, please call within 24 hours and we will rectify –at no additional cost.

Who do we serve…..

Everyone who needs a bit of help to achieve their personal goals or simply need good care of their homes or work places.

  • Professionals sharing homes

  • Young professional couples

  • Busy families

  • Business premises

  • Offices

  • Property owners

  • Estate agencies

We provide our professional cleaning services to households and businesses including some of the most exclusive buildings in London, with clients that desire high quality of serving, reliability and trust.

Being able to satisfy their demands for over 12 years our customer base has grown rapidly but it is a group that we feel we can best serve in a way that allows us to maintain those customers permanently and productively.


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