Our London Cleaning Company benefits from a strong team of experienced and dedicated professionals. Our operatives have vast wealth of knowledge regarding materials and cleaning techniques. All members of our management team are well educated in chemical usage and have significant work-experience within the industry. For years we have studied and implemented the advantages and shortfalls of cleaning materials and we know in depth all their negative ecological aspects for our health and home.

We not only clean, we care about our clients home.

London Cleaning Company aims to deliver the Best Value for money and efficient domestic and commercial cleaning services throughout London. We only use environmentally friendly products with proven suitability to deliver great results without any harm to client’s possessions and home appliances.

It is amazing how much damage can be done while cleaning. We have come to realize that if we want to protect our environment, we should start with changing our day-to-day habits and lifestyle, including the way we clean our homes and dispose our waste. We strongly believe it is something that everyone can contribute to. Thus all of our operatives rigorously take care to RECYCLE all recyclable trash at client’s homes as well as at their homes.

We are more tahn happy to work with cleaning products supplied by the client but we also can reccomend cleaning products that have proven great results and no hazard for both people and possessions.

Cleaning products that have never failed us are:

  • CIF bathroom cleaner,

  • Cif kitchen cleaner,

  • Viakal and Lime Light lime scale remover,

  • Harpic WC cleaner.

We are also very please with the ECO friendly line of ECOVER


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